Friday, March 22, 2019

Peaceful. Dignity. Palms Up. Moved. Colorful. Grateful. Touched. Thankful. Dedication. Peace. Different. Powerful. Praise. Broken. Challenging. Beautiful. Flourish.
We have been doing word of the day here in Haiti and the above words are what our team came up with for today's adventures. We started bright and early, well, not bright (before sunrise), but early, by heading to a local church at 6 am. It was a pleasure to see how the locals praise God in their own unique way. Eagle Brook should watch out, we have some wild ideas coming back ya'll ;) But seriously, it was truly fabulous to see how we were welcomed in to their space with open arms and how they paved a path for us to join in on their worship.
After church we headed back to the guest house on foot (a journey of its own) to grab a quick breakfast and then left for Titanyen. Haiti is hot, Titanyen is hotter :) We toured the lovely Grace Village and saw God at work through the staff, the students, and the surrounding community. They have a wonderful facility set up with a very innovative design that truly allows the students to focus on their education - which is a true key to success here in Haiti.
After Grace Village we went and visited 4 different Elders whom we were were able to care for today. What we thought would be a blessing for the elders proved to be a true blessing for each member of our team in a unique way. We prayed for them, they prayed for us, we sang to them, washed feet, painted toe nails, gave massages, rubbed lotion on legs, hands and arms, shaved beards, and most importantly, we were present for them and provided physical touch. We were able to visit each elder at their own home, which also proved to be a great opportunity for us to experience authentic Haitian life. Amazing is an understatement for this experience.
After visiting with the Elders we stopped at Rosie's, a local boutique for a some quick food, and shopping, then headed over to Fleri Bakery and Pizza for supper. This organization employees 30 locals who make no joke, the BEST pizza and bakery items :) Fleri Bakery buys their ingredients locally which in turn boosts the local economy. This is also key in Haiti as it creates more jobs. I think most of us had to waddle out of their at the end of our meal as we were all stuffed!
Thanks for reading this far and staying with us on our journey. We are sad it is soon to end but we are still eager and have ready hearts for the remainder of the days. Thanks for your continued prayers and support for us on this adventure - we love you all!

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  1. What a difference you all made this week! I bet you are tired by the end of your days so thank you for blogging. Blessings and prayers for a safe trip back to the states! Xo