Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 6 Scott/Loween Team - Baptist Haiti MIssion & Lalou Orphange

Greg and Avery’s Story

We’re wrapping up a busy week here in Haiti. Our first venture of the day, we went to the Baptist Haiti Mission high in the mountains above Port au Prince. It took forever to get there. High above the clouds and boy did it get cold in the tap-tap.

I guess it was nice to have a break from the heat. Once we got up to the Baptist Haiti Mission we walked over to a tiny little zoo with a hawk, some other birds, goats, snakes, rabbits, and an alligator. Then we walked over to the museum but it wasn’t open yet. As we walked over to the gift shop all the street vendors were trying to push us into buying their goods. We gave in….

On the way down the mountain, our driver took a little detour to an overlook. At the overlook we were able to see some of the places we have visited during the week including Cite Soliel. The overlook gave us a better idea of how vast and densely populated the area is. What was most striking was seeing one of the most poverty stricken slums in the world pushed right up to the shores of the Caribbean.

Our next stop was at Lalau Orphanage. The children swarmed the tap-tap when we pulled in. The enthusiasm and energy was infectious. The younger ones did basket weaving (organized entirely by our teammate, Carolyn) and the older ones played a mean game of futbol (organized by our resident soccer fanatic, Carlos).

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sHaiti team came away bruised but happy to have been able to bring some pure fun to these youngsters.

We have enjoyed the entire week. It has been challenging, thought provoking, emotional and most of all, TOTALLY WORTH IT!

~Greg & Avery