Thursday, January 16, 2020

2nd Water Truck Day/Fleri Farms

Coming out of the bedroom this morning, the sweet smell of strong Haitian coffee serenaded me into the kitchen. Instantly, I was greeted by huge, beautiful smiles of the Haitian ladies cooking breakfast. I knew it was going to be another incredible day.
Our second and last water truck day left us all with playful giggles and beautiful memories. Once again, the team came together so fluidly--some on the hose, some carrying water, and others solely focusing on spreading the love of Christ. When someone needed to switch off the hose, there was already a team member there to help. It was surely the order that Pastor prophesied over us before the trip.
God's playful spirit fell upon us today. It is said to have child-like faith, so we practiced this principal by playing like children! A dance off transpired and language barriers were destroyed through the spirit of dance.
After the water truck was empty, necessities were put aside by the children to just PLAY. We headed to an open play area, and the kids came pouring in. Jump ropes were swinging, soccer balls were scoring, and laughs could be heard from miles away. We were spiritually full and ready to go to our second water stop.
Following the water truck stops, we got to visit Fleri farms. While we were there, we got a personal tour of the farms, where they grow all different kinds of fruit and other amazing things. After the tour, we were privileged to taste fresh coconut right off the trees and sample a stalk of sugar cane. It was truly a special experience. It was really nice to be able to have a relaxing time just being in each other's presence while experiencing Haitian hospitality.
After a wonderful day of being the hands and feet of our incredible God, we ended our outings at the water filling station. The water poured down heavily out of a huge spout in the sky, and we all laughed hysterically as we took turns running under it, getting soaked. It was foreshadowing the cleansing and healing that would take place at team time later on in the night.
We had the most delicious Haitian dinner, followed by reliving the moments of the day through a picture slideshow. Then we went into worship and team devotional time. God waved His hand over this glorious night and gave the healing that we needed. He strengthened and connected the team tonight in a way that only He could. We had decided earlier in the week that we (the girls) would switch rooms half way through the week so that we were able to have a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level. Tonight, we made the switch, and because of the depth of our team devotions and sharing time, it could not have been more well-planned. The Lord breathed in us, making it so our team continued to unite under one breath. For this reason and so many others, tonight we go to bed grateful.