Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Day 2 - Water Truck , Fleri Farm ( Serenity Village Community Church )

Day 2 - Water Truck

Today was a full and productive day, within which the ladies of this team and I desire to share with you the experiences we witnessed and felt throughout this day.

The day started off with another lovely and hospitable meal form the ladies that diligently serve us at the house. Afterwards, we climbed into the taptap and ventured out into which for many of us was uncharted territories within our hearts and within Haiti. We had three water truck stops today. Words the ladies used to describe these stops are: amazing, peace within chaos, overwhelming, love, joy, tenderness, wonderment. As we pulled up to the first stop, the kids within the neighborhood started running behind our vehicle chanting, "Hey You, Hey You, Hey You." This may sound improper to some, but to us it was music to our ears. The excitement, hope, and joy we could hear within their chanting, sparked a tenderness within each of us we didn't expect.

At each stop we were greeted by children of all ages who wanted nothing more than our attention, love, and affection. They eagerly jumped into our arms and we gladly exchanged with them the love they desired. We also aided in manning water trucks at each stop. As we arrived, buckets were already lined up in place, ready for us to provide them with fresh water. It brings to memory how people may wait in line for a concert to get the best seats or for a Good Friday special to get the best deal, but here in Haiti they wait for fresh water which they only get once a day, sometimes not even that. This water is all they have to meet their needs such as drinking, cooking, cleaning wounds, washing clothes, bathing, etc. How truly blessed we are to live in America, where water flows freely from our faucets and concern of our next ration of water isn't even thought of.

In between water stops, we had the privilege of visiting Hope Church and school. It was amazing to hear of the stories of what God has accomplished in that place within a short 3 year time frame! We also journeyed over to Fleri Farms, had a tour of their fresh tropical fruits, and even got to munch on a few limes. :) At the end of our day we spent a few hours cooling off in a nearby pool which provided a much needed atmosphere for laughter, connection, and relaxation.

All in all, this post does little to describe the wonderment of the day and the special tenderness we all feel to have been a part of today and to be on this trip.

Love to you all, Jacqueline and the September 2018 Team