Thursday, January 10, 2019

UNW Day 4- Filling Buckets

                To start the day off we had a devotion about filling each other’s buckets describing how there are many ways to fill other’s buckets. Our first mission of the day was a water truck stop, physically filling the Haitians buckets. As soon as we got off our tap tap, kids were at our feet waiting for us to give them attention by holding their hand or carrying them. As the previous water truck stops, some of us were on the hose line filling buckets and pushing full buckets aside for the people to take to their homes. Others spent the time playing, holding, and occupying children and helping carry buckets to people’s homes. As the water was coming to an end, the Haitians become more desperate to fill their buckets. We not only filled their physical buckets we also filled their hearts with love and compassion.  

     Our next stop was visiting elders in their homes. We went to four different homes of elders in Cite Soleil. At each stop we got to learn about their lives, like how long they have lived in Cite Solei, what their favorite activity to do when they have free time, and about their families. We also sang the doxology. The best part about visiting the elders was praying over them. We asked for prayer requests that the elders had and prayed for them. At each home during the prayer, everyone felt the Lords presence. We got the privilege to witness to someone who has never been to church. As soon as we prayed over him, he soon broke down in tears.  Being able to pray over the elders was such a powerful and moving experience for all us to witness and be able to share with others. Praying with the elders helped us and the elders filled our spiritual buckets overflowing with the spirit. 

     After we got back from Cite Soleil we went to Papillon, a restaurant and gift shop. We were able to relax and unwind from the emotional and fulfilling day. Each of us enjoyed a chilling smoothie and some delicious french fries. After enjoying our snacks, many of us went shopping in the gift shop. We hung around awhile playing games and hanging out with each other. Getting to relax and unwind filled our buckets with joy and comfort from laughter from getting to spend time with each other. 

     Towards the end of the day, we had time to reflect on today and how it has impacted us. Many team members brought up how different it is here in Haiti compared to back home; How the streets are filled with trash and children are found playing in it, but at home that is unseen for us to have even a couple pieces of trash on the ground. Being here in Haiti has opened many of our eyes to how blind we are to different parts of the world. We may think what we know but don’t know the severity of it. It has been eye opening and we have all gained a new perspective through the experiences we have had so far. We look forward to what is in store for us tomorrow.