Saturday, November 24, 2018

Michigan Team Day Six

Day Six
  Today started with the typical Healing Haiti breakfast buffet of endless pancakes and fresh bananas--- oh how they treat us so well here! Also typical of Haiti? Haitian Time. We left a little after 9 in the morning, or right before 10, depending on who you ask. However, perhaps the most welcomed part of the day was the traffic. As we started our journey up to Titanyen we encountered all sorts of vehicles and pedestrians which was an exciting contrast to the quiet streets that first greeted us when our plane landed last Monday. Our first stop today was Grace Village. 10/10 would recommend not only the people but the view as well. There certainly is something to be said about how much God was showing off when he made Haiti's mountainous terrain. 
   Grace Village always amazes us when we visit. The missionaries, the workers, the children, and the community blend together there in such a perfect harmony. Grace Village now has a fully functioning clinic open to the community, a school, a feeding center, and family-style orphanage homes. It has been amazing to see how much Healing Haiti and its staff truly runs off of faith. In all they do, they first seek God and put their trust in His plan, not their own. 
   We can all agree as a team that putting absolute faith in God is a hard sacrifice to make. Today was a perfect example of those who walk the straight and narrow alongside God. We were able to follow up our Grace Village visit with elder visits. Healing Haiti has essentially 'adopted' elders of the community in Titanyen and teams are allowed to perform foot washing services for them as well as bring them hot meals and water. We were able make a very special visit to one couple in particular, that we (Terri) sponsor. Meeting the two of them was a dream come true. We have been praying for them for a very long time and looked forward to meeting them in person. It was an honor to serve them, pray with them and hug them. It will be a day we will never forget! We look forward to visiting them again on future trips. God is so good!  
   To end our Titanyen venture, we ate at Fleri restaurant just outside of Grace Village. Fleri is the brainchild of Healing Haiti, hoping to create jobs within the area. They have accomplished so much in such little time. Hearing Jake talk about the restaurant and bakery is so heartwarming as you can tell he has truly been lead by God to do this. He is such an awesome guy with an even more amazing heart for the people of Haiti. Fleri's staff made sure to treat us well to an abundance of pizzas and fresh squeezed juice. We even managed enough room for dessert! God filled our buckets immensely today and we were overjoyed to be able to leave the guesthouse and serve God's people.

Written By Team Members,

Madi Kench and Terri Grubaugh