Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Liberty Classical Academy - Day 1, Orphanage Visits

Today was our first day in Haiti and it was very exiting. We went to a few orphanages but one thing that stuck out to me was the La Phere orphanage. Some people went to the Home for Sick & Dying Babies Orphanage but others went to the La Phere orphanage. When we went there, the kids ran right up to me smiling and hugged me. Almost the whole time I had a kid with me either sitting on my lap or on my back. And whenever I looked a a kid they would just smile at me, which was very heart warming. They just wanted to play with you and were all so joyful even though they have so little. It was cool to see how God was with them and was working with us to help them.

Our first full day in Haiti was wonderful and exciting. After a delicious breakfast made by Ulta and Phaunis, we loaded into the tap-tap and drove to Sweet Home, a school and orphanage. We mostly played with the littlest kids, who loved the bubbles we brought. We also had a few minutes with some of the older kids and got to play soccer and on the playground. On the way back to the guesthouse, we stopped at the gift shop Papillon and got a tour from Tricky of their production facility where they make beads, jewelry, tote bags, pottery, etc. After about an hour back at the guesthouse, we left again for another orphanage. Some of the group went to La Phere to play with the kids there, and the rest of us went to the Home for Sick and Dying Babies. There, we got to hold and play with these babies and young kids. Most of the two hours we were there I held and walked around with a sweet little girl. The moment I picked her up, she laid her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arms as far around me as they could go. From time to time she'd let go briefly to look around, then she'd look back at me, spread her arms out wide, and hug me again so tight. It was hard to set her down when it was time to go. We then headed to La Phere to pick up the rest of the group and got to see the church and play with the kids for a few minutes. When we left, a little girl clung to me tighter than I would have thought her possible of and I literally had to pry her off me. Did we have to leave? we were both asking. The day was made complete by Valery's expert tap-tap driving through the insane traffic of the streets of Haiti. While the day was hot and exhausting, I wouldn't have changed anything. I find myself wondering, aren't you supposed to help other people on missions trips? I loved cuddling these kids who need love so badly.