Monday, May 16, 2016

Travel Day

It was an early start to the day, as per usual, for our travels to Haiti. We all met at the airport at the not-so-bright, but very early time of 3am and it was easy to feel the different emotions in the air as we began our day. For many on our team, this was the first time making the trek to Haiti and for some, even out of the country. After uncharacteristically making it through airport security quickly, we had plenty of time to settle in and even grab some breakfast before boarding for the first leg of the journey.

By the time we landed in Miami, I could barely contain my excitement to get back to Haiti and after a few hours of a layover it was time to go. As we made the final descent into Port-Au-Prince, my heart was so elated to almost be back in the place that changed my life and relationship with God a year ago. We landed and went (again, uncharacteristically) through customs, onto baggage claim, and made our way with Brunet to the tap-tap. It was awesome to see the first timers' faces as they realized that all of us and our luggage were going in there. After a very cozy ride to the guest house, and a phenomenal dinner, the team was pretty much done for the day.

It really didn't take too far into the day for everyone to realize that the Lord was clearly protecting us from anything that tried to come against our travels. It was amazing to see his power before we even stepped foot on land in Haiti, which gets me really excited to see what he'll do while we are here. There was truly nothing throughout the day that could stop us from getting to where God ordained us all to be at this very time of our lives, doing his work in Haiti. 

Many people have made their way to bed now to be ready for water truck day tomorrow, which has given me extra time to reflect on this day. It is almost exactly a year since my first trip to Haiti and as the cliche goes, it truly feels like it was only yesterday. I love it when these moments happen because I get a glimpse of Heaven, an experience where this life seemingly operates outside the constructs of time, and it is such a gift. So as I'm sitting here in the guest house, experiencing my own little piece of heaven, I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for our team this week.

God's all surpassing peace and love to you.