Friday, December 7, 2018

Severson Day 3

Day 3 - Team Severson

Today we were blessed enough to visit elders in the community of Titanyen. We took turns
washing their feet and hands. This is always such a humbling experience. God was working
through us to serve these beautiful people.

While visiting the elders, I love seeing their resiliency in their smiles. It is always painful to
see their need. We prayed several times for improved health. They are true heroes.

We visited Grace Village today as well. It is wonderful to see the children learning so much.
They were having so much fun playing at recess. We were blessed enough to also be able
to see inside the school. I was so happy to see the children getting to use technology.

Sometimes, all Americans see is the devastation in Haiti. Haiti is more than sadness and
poverty. To me, Haiti is powerful and strong. Returning to Haiti has helped me firmly
believe in Haiti’s potential. I no longer see it as just sadness, I see it as what it can become.
Haitians are wise and smart. Haitians are kind and gentle and strong and direct when
necessary. They are full of laughter and joy. What is remarkable is their resiliency to get
back up, and keep going. I always think about what lessons I learn from Haitians. The
United States can learn patience, wisdom, strength and kind-heartedness from the country
of Haiti. As I reflect on my second time in Haiti, all of these things are restored back into
my heart.

Haiti is not what you see on the news or read about on the internet. Haiti is not what
powerful people who have never been here say about it. Haiti has risen before from the
gravel and it will continue to.