Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Meyers/Cornerstone Day 2

Wow! What a day! The Lord has shown our team so much. Today was a water day in which we went to three different areas to deliver fresh water to the beautiful, Haitian people. We also visited Haitian Initiative which is an outdoor space for children to play soccer. Our hearts have become so tender, the children here crave our attention and we crave the Lord’s guidance. It is hard to see such kind-hearted people under these circumstances; however, we know the Lord cares deeply for each one of them and will see them through their hardships. Continue to pray for mercy and guidance as we continue this opportunity we have be given to serve. -Morgan

My word, today was BUSY, but very rewarding. The Haitian people, especially children, are overwhelmingly in need of water and love, which we got to provide today in Cite Soleil (Site So-Lay). We stopped at three different locations, and at each one there were endless lines of people with buckets, barrels, and bowls to get water in. While some got the water into the buckets, the others played with the children. We practically had to peel the children off of us in order to leave! All of our hearts are so filled with compassion for these communities, and while it was sad to see, we have seen the Lord working through us and bringing more happiness to these people. To finish our day, we visited Haiti Initiative, which is a soccer club for boys and girls that make a certain grade in their school. They are a competitive soccer club and the most talented boys and girls travel to Minnesota for the World Championship! We attempted to play soccer with them, but they mostly giggled at us in our efforts. (: We are all exhausted and ready to get some rest, but our hearts are thankful and hopeful for the rest of the week! Thank you for all of your prayers! -Sidney