Sunday, July 29, 2018



Today was the perfect ending to an amazing week of serving. Our team member, Kelsey, started us off  this morning with a very relevant and meaningful devotional. She reminded us that although spending a day on the wealthier end of Haiti may bring us feelings of guilt, this day was meant for us to decompress from the busy week of work and experience the beauty that God has created for us to enjoy. 

After yet another delicious breakfast prepared from our wonderful cooks, we headed off to a Church built by Healing Haiti, Grace Church. It was fun to see not only our translators and missionaries whom we call friends, but also the locals to come and experience this time in prayer and worship together. Quickly after the service was over, we began our road trip to the ocean where we enjoyed our time at Kaliko Beach Club. With the mountains and clear blue waters in our view, it was very easy to lay back and soak in God's beautiful creations. A few of us jumped at the opportunity to go snorkeling for an ENTIRE 5 bucks (what a steal). Although we didn't see a lot of fish, cramming into a very tiny rowboat, was well worth it. 

Personally, my favorite part of today was just hanging out with a group of people that I am happy to now consider family. As a team, we all pitched in so that a few of our translators were able to tag along with us and I am SO glad we made that happen. From splashing each other with water, to playing chicken in the pool, I could see the genuine friendships being formed. I LOVE this big family with all my heart and wish this week wasn't coming so close to the end. 

- Sydney (with the moral support of Chelsey)