Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hamilton/Loween Saturday May 7th

Today was yet another amazing day!  Earlier this week, we had started preparing for Plan B for Saturday.  Our original plan was to take a group of children to the beach, but due to the detour for the collapsed bridge, a trip to the beach could have taken up to three hours one way, so we made alternative plans.

We woke this morning to the sound of falling rain, and that rain continued all day long.  This is a first for all of us that have been to Haiti on previous trips.  We even rearranged our Plan B for the day and formulated a Plan C – just in case. 

Plan B, started with a slightly soggy drive to an orphanage where we had a fun morning playing with the kids.  Some of the team played soccer in the rain, while others held, played hand games, sang with the children and some of us were even treated to new hairstyles!  The smiles and laughter were so wonderful.

We then headed up to the top of the mountain to tour Baptist Haiti Mission.  The drive was again a little soggy and foggy, but the views that we were able to see on the drive up were truly beautiful.  No one from our team had previously been to this place and we all agree that it was a pretty amazing place. 

When we arrived, we started our tour in the museum.  There were items in cases detailing Haiti’s history along with items from many different countries, which have played an influential role in what Haiti is today.  Next we walked further into the compound and found that they have a hospital.  Earlier in the week, our team had been looking forward to going to General Hospital and handing out care packages.   Due to a strike, we were unable to go.  We did happen to bring some care packages with us this morning in case we had to resort to Plan C for the day.  We ended up being able to give out the care packages to many of the patients at Baptist Mission Hospital!  Also during the hospital tour, a few of us (the lab ladies on the trip) were able to tour the lab.  It was a very nice lab with very modern testing equipment. 

Next up on the tour was a “Zoo” and a “Noah’s Ark” playground.  The zoo had an alligator, peacock, bunnies, ducks and goats.  We were all quite surprised to find a “Zoo” in Haiti.  There was a very neat picture of Noah’s ark and all the animals around it – including dinosaurs.  We spent a little time on the playground – some of our team relived their younger years and used the slide, teeter-totter, monkey bars and more!  Keep in mind, it was raining during all of this tour and some of us were actually getting pretty chilled!

After that we stopped by the on site restaurant and gift shop for lunch.  While there, we had the privilege of meeting two AMAZING people.  Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull.  They are the founders of Baptist Haiti Mission (founded in 1948) and at the young age of 92, still live on site.  Many from our team spent time visiting with them and found that many on our team had connections.  Three of us attend a church, where one of their former missionaries is the Mission’s Pastor.  Another one of the team members graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia – the University where the Turnbull’s sent a sponsored Haitian to attend college.  This college will also be giving college credits to students that spend eight months at Baptist Haiti Mission.  This adorable couple inspired so many of us by their many years of service and their passion and love for God.

As we reflect on our day, it is so evident that what was plan B for our team, was truly God’s plan A for our team.  He fulfilled many of our prayers for the trip in ways we did not expect.

Trent and Marcia