Monday, February 25, 2019

Take Me Deeper Than My Feet Could Ever Wander

What a beautiful start to our journey. We have designated the song "Oceans by Hillside" as our song for the week. This morning, we were blessed with clear roads and no storms, so the ride to the airport was smooth. On our flight to Haiti, several of the team members spotted dolphins jumping in the ocean below. Arriving in Haiti was truly beautiful. The air was warm and slightly breezy. When we got to the Guest House, some of us took a nap while others went out and played with the neighborhood kids. It felt nice to stretch our legs and get shown up by the kids' soccer skills. We were very blessed to have a talented musician on our team who lead us in worship tonight. I can already feel god's energy in us as we begin this week. I'm extremely excited to see what he has in store for us. So, Lord, let us walk upon the waters and our faith will be made stronger.