Sunday, November 25, 2018

Michigan Team Day Seven

Day Seven
    Today started out at Eglise Rendez-vous Christ (church) and it was closer to a more traditional American style service. The Worship team offered multiple song selections and the church provided English-translating headsets for individuals that didn't speak Creole. 
     Today's sermon was titled, "Your ability to respond". The topic was very appropriate because there is a pressing issue in the country and it is up to the people to determine what their response will be in the future. Unfortunately, for us we have seen the effects of the protests, which refrained us from leaving the guest house for the first two days. The pastor shared how he squandered a large sum of money as a young adult and how he did not use his gifts and talents.  He explained that whether you are rich or poor you have gifts and talents. He encouraged everyone to exercise their rights and to vote.
      Later today we were able to visit For His Glory orphanage with the other team that is visiting Healing Haiti from Minnesota. Their team leader orchestrated a game for the children and a Bible Story that led to some arts and crafts. Afterwards, we gathered with the children to play and fellowship. Some of the children shared what they wanted to be when they grew up.  One beautiful young lady told us that she wanted to be a nurse and work with children in an orphanage one day. The smiles and the hugs we exchanged will be treasured memories forever....until next time Haiti we love you!  


Written By Team Members, 

Maressa Emile and Dylan Grubaugh