Saturday, March 16, 2019

Day 6 - Orphanages Visits

Today, as our last day of serving, we visited two orphanages. We were going to do water truck, but things didn't work out. The first orphange we went to was called Dios. It was an orphanage for special needs children, and we met about twenty kids. The whole time we were there, they were jump roping and playing music. Travis and the kids made a band with his guitar, egg shakers, and a triangle. The kids were also insisting that we jump rope while they moved the rope as fast as possible. Marcus even jump roped with a rope going high speed and very high off the ground. The best jump rope holder was a young boy in a wheelchair named Morris. After playing with the kids at Dios we went to our final orhphanage called La Pherres. Here we played soccer, keep-away, and lots of other activities with the kids. This time Travis played his guitar and he and a group of people sang worship songs. They were great singers and harmonizied beautifully to each song. Before we left, we were treated to two dances the little girls had prepared for us. It was very special. After our final orphanage visits we went swimming and had a relay race. It was a special day and a great last day of serving.