Thursday, December 7, 2017

Meyers/Cornerstone Day 4

Today we woke-up to a delicious meal prepared by the ladies here, and man can they make eggs taste good with peppers and onions and garlic powder. We delivered water again. We went to 2 different places. The children came running and wanted to be held, so OF COURSE we accommodated! Delivering water reminds me of John 14:10, 14. Jesus offers a Samaritan woman living water/eternal life. This is our prayer for the Haitian people that they will accept Christ’s offer of this life-changing water. We got to go to the pier as well. This is where we were told that the men catch the fish, and the women clean’em up. It was neat to see the ladies in action. The water was such a pretty blue. There were a lot of boats with big fishing nets in them. Before going back to the house for the day, we stopped at an orphanage. We got to go play with the children. We shared the salvation message with them, did a craft, jump-roped and blew bubbles. I am convinced that children far and wide are the SAME. They want to be loved! I will finish this with a challenge. Do you know where YOUR mission field is? If you know, GO! You will be glad you did. -Ramona

My inner prayer this morning was to be strong and full of love! (thinking about water delivery). Every morning and evening we have a devotion led by Stephanie who continually inspires and encourages us through God’s word. Today was our second day of delivering water in City Soleil. City Soleil is three square miles with 300,000 people!! Places with poverty have a low suicide rate because they see hope in everything especially gifts from God such as clean water. It seemed easier to me, probably because I knew what to expect. I was stricter with the children, and I often got a partner to help carry water! Also, today I was more aware of parents watching us and correcting their children. They love their children very much! When children wanted help carrying water they yelled “Hey You!” We enjoyed the children and would call back “Hey You!” (We also helped them carry their water!) In between the two water deliveries, we went to the Pier where we saw men fishing and women cleaning fish. The ocean had boats on it and had mountains in the back ground which reminded us of Bible times. Also, the homes on a hillside looked so much like Jerusalem! After delivering water, we went home changed clothes. We took the tap tap to LaPhaere Orphanage where we met the children in an outdoor patio area. Ramona shared the gospel tract and Morgan told the candy cane story. The children have big brown eyes and very white teeth. So beautiful! I am very thankful for my team. We share lots of emotions both good and bad. We’re praising God and giving thanks in all things for He is Good! -Helen