Thursday, July 11, 2019

Becci's Team Day 4

Another incredible day spent in Haiti with a team that is quickly bonding and becoming close friends. After breakfast, our day started with a short walk around the block to a local artisan shop where artists have created beautiful works of metal art, wooden art, paintings, bracelets, and even coffee mugs made from coconuts. Nobody left empty handed as the pieces were stunning. 

Back in the Tap-Tap, we rode to Hope Church again in Cite Soleil where we had the opportunity to serve 6 elders that are sponsored by Healing Haiti. The team split up so each elder got plenty of love, back rubs, hand and foot massages, snacks, prayers, and songs. As a team, we sang “Glwa Pou Bondye” in Creole, which translates to “Glory to God.” The older women had their hands raised high, and we could tell their hearts were filled with Joy and the Holy Spirit. While the men sat there, grinning ear to ear. 

The next stop was at Papillon, which means “butterfly” in Creole. This is a local shop where people create beautiful works of homemade art. “The Apparent Project” is the non-profit side, whose mission is to “'make the needs of Haiti known,' to support opportunities for Haitians to provide for themselves and their families, empowering them to rise out of poverty…to be able to keep their families together... to avoid relinquishing their children to orphanages… providing educational opportunities for both parents & their children.” We toured the workshop and were amazed at the hard working individuals and their talents. There is even a free daycare for children of the workers to attend while they are working. There is also a CafĂ© where we were able to order fresh smoothies, pizza, and burgers for lunch. Followed with shopping at the store, and again most of the team found something special to take home.

Following was a visit to La Phare orphanage, where we played basketball, soccer, jump rope, bubbles, coloring, and even made string bracelets. There are 17 children who live here and it is run by a Pastor who started caring for children after the earthquake. They were happy and we could tell they were well cared for. Some of the members who had previously visited La Phare noticed dramatic improvements in the home including a brand new shaded gazebo and basketball hoop that was built just yesterday. The team had so much fun, it was hard to leave.

We came home to a delicious Haitian meal that the Healing Haiti ladies prepared for us. Beans and rice, chicken, fried plantains, Griyo, cabbage salad, and Boulet (meat balls). Followed by birthday cake to celebrate Casey’s 16th birthday (and Ashton's 18th next week)! The kids at the orphanage sang to him in both Creole and English. We are off to bed early to prepare for a 6am Church service and another water truck day tomorrow! 


Glwa Pou Bondye!