Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Funday

As some of you know today was our last full day in Haiti. Although all of us are sad to leave we ended up having an amazing day. Our morning started off with people watching the sunrise and others (us) sleeping in until the last minute. We had and amazing breakfast and great Haitian coffee to start our day. Afterwards we all prayed before we piled into the tap-tap, during the ride to Grace Church we played an intense game of Catch Phrase.

     It seemed like a very short ride and when we pulled into Grace Church we were immediately welcomed by big bright smiles from amazing kids and adults. Even though most of the sermon was in Creole, we could still feel the power of the preacher’s words. We have never seen kids praise God the way Grace Village kids did today; the elders were also jumping up and down praising God. Towards the end we had to leave to go the beach.

     As we got closer to the beach the view was absolutely breath taking. We could not help but run into the water WITHOUT sunscreen… Running into the cold water was such a relief after baking in the heat all week long.

     As our week came to an end we are very happy we had this opportunity to be God’s hands and feet. We would like to thank our amazing leaders for making this trip as fun as possible. We are also very thankful for the team we have.

Bon wit (Good night)
(Grace & Dacia)