Monday, November 4, 2019

Central Church Arrival Day - Pioneers

Good evening folks, We made it. It has been a long day yet we are excited to bring some lightness to the dark.  The guesthouse staff is very happy to see us as without visits like ours, Healing Haiti (and the staff that serves teams) suffers in many ways.

Despite the struggles down here and the increasing events that are keeping teams from serving the typical ministries we have seen in the past, this Central Church Team has embraced "serving the Haitians", not focusing on what "we are going to be able to see".

We agreed as a team to be "pioneers" in this new world of Haiti and demonstrating the power of serving Him, not worrying about what we will do.  We hope to be a light for the other teams of Healing Haiti to follow.

Til tomorrow, our words of the day:

For our followers, more details are needed in these "words" to truly articulate the feeling tonight.  Suffice it to say the the words together weave a powerful bond of this team.  As a new leader who had some anxiety about coming to Haiti given the environment,  I want to  reflect on my word because I am humbled by the depth of this team to embrace our "Pioneer Spirit" in the new world of "norm" for Haiti.  We hope to serve as a beacon for God that "good is in this world also" and strengthen the faith of Haitians to turn their world around.
Til tomorrow, good night.
Glwa pou Bondye.