Sunday, September 17, 2017

Serenity Village Community Church 09/17/2017

As we joined together at the breakfast table for our last full day together the mood was Joy filled and relaxed.  We enjoyed a home made breakfast which consisted of pancakes, eggs, oatmeal and fresh fruit. From there we got into the tap tap and traveled to Grace church. This was such an amazing and powerful experience. You could fill the spirit's presence all around. Although most of the words weren't in English, it did not change how i felt God within me. The singers had so much passion and joy that the spirit just spread and was super contagious. It was one of the more powerful experiences for me.

After church we took a breezy drive to Wahoo beach. This was the perfect way to end the trip. The water was a gorgeous turquoise blue, their was a nice overcast to help with the sun, and the temperature of the water was amazing. The beach was nice to help with reflecting on the whole trip and all the experiences while I floated in the ocean. I was able to focus on processing the past few days, but also had to come to God to seek help with staying present during this last day. After a few hours of relaxation we ate lunch at the restaurant on the beach, I would recommend the crunchy shrimp. After sharing many laughs and jokes at lunch we were able to go back down to the beach for more refreshment.

During the  tap tap ride back to the house just about everyone fell asleep from being so relaxed. After some time downloading back at the house, some of us got our suits on and headed up to the pool. This was just a great time to enjoy more laughs. I have never laughed so much as I did on this trip in my life. This is a perfect way to connect with many people in ways you could never imagine. When we arrived back home we were met with Pumpkin soup on the table and pizza. During the meal you could just feel everyone's energy and love present. After enjoying the meal, we did "word-of-the-day" which is an awesome day to look at the day from everyone's different perspective and see what effects them the most, this helps me understand them more as a person. From here we sat around and relaxed for awhile just enjoying the presence of one another. Later in the evening we read a devotional for day which was randomly chosen. Which is so powerful because it did a full circle with our day and fit like a puzzle piece. This is my favorite part of the day because it helps me grow in my faith walk and I love listening to every single member's point of view. It helps us bond as group and become more connected. We finished the night off we a round of Taboo. This was the most perfect way to end the trip.