Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Day 2: Food and Water Day!

Food & Water day!

We started the day at Fleri Farms, where Healing Haiti is helping to create a more sustainable future for agriculture in this country.  It was fascinating to learn about their struggles with the soil, and learning how to grow crops the way their land was created.  We were able to drink from coconuts & eat the flesh of the fruit.

The first and second water truck stops were relatively calm due to the rain the night before.  Still many showed up to fill their buckets.  The final stop, called 4 coffins, was much more active, with Haitians coming from every direction to get their fill of water.  The children were smiling, running to be held and played with, and unphased by their surroundings.

We also got the chance to see Hope church, school and soon-to-open clinic.  We were all impressed with the new pods delivered to the school a few weeks ago – technology, sewing, and solar power – that will help the children expand their knowledge and give them hope for a brighter future that God has in store for them.

We are grateful and humbled to be here together!  God is good!

Rachel F.
Jen E. 
Kelsey F.