Thursday, July 18, 2019

SVCC in Haiti - Day 4

Spicy peanut butter was present at the start and end of the day…and it was amazing. I will be bringing some home with me. Along with lots of awesome coffee and incredible memories. We started the day with a delicious breakfast of syrup-Nutella-peanut butter topped pancakes and eggs accompanied by sliced bananas, mangos, and avocados. Following breakfast, we made our way to the Artisan Shop and purchased hand-made decorations from recycled tin, cloth and various other materials. Our next adventure was to Hope Church and Clinic in Cite Soleil to assist the locals in filling and carrying water buckets. It was the team’s second day of ‘Water Truck Stops’ and it was made apparent by each individual’s confidence and enthusiasm to complete God’s given task. We took a short break, and sought shelter under the coconut trees at Fleri Farm. Here Kenny gave us a tour of present crops and farming methods. He introduced various ways in which Fleri Farm plans to innovate to create jobs for many more and improve the economic well-being of Cite Soleil and surrounding areas. We made our way back to Hope Church to spend some time with the beautiful and bright-souled children of the neighborhood before venturing out to complete two more Water Truck Stops. Fresh water and sweat soaked, our team made its way back into the Tap-Tap and headed to the guest house. A scrumptious Haitian meal of chicken, rice and beans, and dried plantains was waiting for us and did not sit long before it was devoured. As night approached, the team gathered around the living room to reflect on the day and pray to The Father. I sit here, as the rest of the team has settled into bed, snacking on spicy peanut butter-filled Oreos and sharing with you what a thrilling day it has been. 

~ Morgan