Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Team, First Day

It's early morning on day two. No-one wrote a summary at the end of day one because we all passed out from a long travel day. Thank God we were on American and not Delta :) We have seventeen of us gathered to serve in Haiti. The men are outnumbered thirteen to four -- with nine of the women (girls) in college or high school. Our team is mostly from Minnesota, but we have two from St. Louis and one from a Chicago suburb.

We have not yet done any good here. But we've already had good done in us. During our devotional last night, each of us talked about the immediate impact seeing and interacting with the Hatians has had. To drive through the rubble and see the shacks they use as homes on the way to our comfortable guest house was humbling.

For many of us, our highlight yesterday was watching the neighborhood boys play soccer (futbal) next door. They play on a small dirt field covered in rocks and broken glass. Yet, they play with great joy. Last night was a special treat because it wasn't just an ordinary pick-up game. We were spectators at a tournament, with fans and a referee. It got pretty rowdy at times. Back home, parents wouldn't let their kids even walk across that dangerous field. But, to these boys, it was the Olympic Games.

After our devotion led by Paster Sue, some played cards, but most went straight to bed. It's a big day today. We will take the water truck to Cite Soleil, Haiti's poorest city, where things are going to get "raw" in the words of one team member who has been here four times. Since over half our team is in Haiti for the first time, I expect there will be some shock. But I also expect our hearts to be moved once again. Please pray for that. Also pray for safety. But mostly pray that we make a difference today... That we somehow have a positive impact on the lives of the people we are serving. That's what we are here to do.