Wednesday, October 26, 2016

KCC Day #3

Water truck day, incredibly moving on so many levels! One of the most moving days of our lives thus far, so awe inspiring to see God work though us and use us to serve His beloved. Having the ability to move lives, move water, move our soul! God is so good!!!!! Day 3 of our Haiti missions trip was a life changing experience. What a blessing it is to fulfill Gods plan for our lives. 

"Hey you!"... That was the one phrase we heard all day long. As we would pull into our water stops, the children would flock to us, demanding our attention and love. As soon as we were out of the tap tap, these children's arms were held up anxiously waiting for someone, anyone, to hold them, embrace them. Even just something as simple as touching them for the brief time we were there serving water was enough. Some of us would pick the little ones up, and they'd hold onto us so tightly, trying to make some communication at least with us since we don't speak their language. Some of us would man the water truck, filling bucket after bucket with clean drinking water for the people of Cite Solei. Today we delivered 9,000 gallons of water!! Not only did we impact Cite Solei and it's people, but they impacted us in amazing and powerful ways.

One thing that was incredibly powerful that spoke volumes into my life was the ability that these children have to carry 5 gallon water buckets, flawlessly, on their heads! We often get so caught up with: I'm too tired, I don't feel like doing it today, I'm too busy; but these children just do it !! They have an incredible strength, not just physical but emotional! These children are survivors, and they are good at it! It's quite humbling just being in the present time, watching these children go and help their families without a complaint. We have another water truck day this Saturday, and I know our whole team is already looking forward to it. We didn't just give water today, but the true living water that is Jesus himself.

Our words for today were eye-opening, overwhelmed, glory, uplifting, captivating, full, and small.

Please keep our team in your prayers over the next few days as we continue to serve Haiti and it's people. 

- Danika & Stephanie