Tuesday, October 25, 2016

KCC Day #2

The face of Jesus, in those little eyes, in those warm smiles. Day two of Healing Haiti, Jesus was in the midst of it. We started off our day with visiting home for Sick & Dying Babies. We went in and held these sweet, sick babies, we wrocked them, changed them, fed them, and most importantly gave them the comfort of Jesus. We are God's vessel to reach people, and He definitely used us today to be His hands & feet. In exchange these babies were too being the hands and feet, humbling our spirits, opening our hearts. They helped us to see God's plan, and our purpose in this journey. 

Our second stop for the day was visiting the disabled children. What a humbling experience!!! We went in and sang to them, played with them and helped feed them. To listen to these kids sing the same songs in English that we hear on the radio was awesome and inspiring, all in one. Just worshipping God through song with these kids was extremely bonding. It was humbling and fulfilling being given this opportunity to share Jesus' love with these children. To close off this section of our day we prayed with, hand in hand, some of these disabled children. Seeing this particular Haitian boy, eyes closed, worshipping and praying along side of us reminded me of how big the God is we serve. Never ceasing to reach the sick and broken in all areas of the world. 

To end out our day on the field, we took a tour of the Apparent Project, which supplies jobs for over 200 people. Giving jobs to the local Haitians, supporting indepdance and job opportunity. The Apparent Project also provides childcare and pre-k for all the mothers who work there, so that way they can have a job and support or help support their families. Inspired by a woman who initially planned to adopt a Haitian baby, but appon arival realized the mom did not want to give up her baby, only didn't have the means to support it. In response she started a business for mothers to be able to provide financially for their children and family. The Apparent Project is an excellent example of what gives hope and support to Haiti and its people, and yet again a true reflection of the mighty God we serve that blesses His people that he faithfully loves. 

Our words for today were joy, soverign, love, hope, humbling, contrast, hopeful, and joyful.

What a wonderful day, praise God! 

- Danika & Stephanie