Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hamilton/Loween Tuesday May 3rd

What an amazing day to recap! Today we brought water to Cite Soleil.  Although there has been rain this season, there was still a great need for water.
“HEY YOU!  The beautiful sound of the Haitian voices as our truck arrived at stops 17, 19, and 26!  The kids and adults flocked the truck with all sorts of containers, from five gallon buckets to basins and cups to carry their water home.  The children loved to be held and asked many times to be picked up regardless of age.  It was truly a beautiful sight.  Like any other child they wanted to be loved up and of course play! They got a kick out of hand games and even showed us a couple dance moves!  It was tough to say good-bye and put down a child that a mother had placed in our arms.
 Young ladies were interested in our hair and could not help but touch and talk about it.  It was very neat to see and engage with them even though our communication is practically nonexistent-it did not stop us from talking to them.  They told us their names and ages and introduced us to their children. 
Stop 26, like 17 and 19, were excited to see us, but carried a different vibe.  Unlike 17 and 19, we helped carry their water to their home.  The water is heavy and often carried on their head.  Being able to help carry the water down the road to their front door step, you could just see the appreciation on their faces.  By no means was it easy!  We all struggled.  As for them, it was just second nature.  As much as they where grateful for our help, they made it very clear not to spill any of the water.  It really goes to show how this is their livelihood.  It made us all work harder and smarter hauling the water. 
In-between stops we were able to tour Hope Church.  It was astonishing!  The worship area is in the heart of the church, while classrooms surround the perimeter.  God sure has been at work at HOPE Church and will provide hope to the community on top of a landfill.

          Thank you for all your continued support and prayer!  We cannot wait to continue sharing this journey with you!