Thursday, February 28, 2019

Mountains of Love

Today's tap tap ride took us to Titiyan (TiTian), the location of Grace Village. Grace Village has an elder care program, providing visits and medical care to over 30 elders in this mountainous area. In the heat of the day, we rode up the mountainside and attempted to check on four elders. These visits are important because they provide human contact, a meal and drink, and an opportunity for a well-check visit. During the visits, we washed and dried their feet and hands as well as applied lotion. We sang songs accompanied by Pao on guitar. The visits were spiritual and we saw the appreciation in their eyes. We brought them to a worship service located at Fleri Bakery.

We toured Grace Village and it was wonderful to see how many different services are offered in one location. The village includes an orphanage, K-13 school, living quarters for youth transition from the orphanage back into their family home, a clinic, a library, and technology center, just to name a few. They are taught family life skills before graduating and attending university. This incredible place provides hope for uniting families.

Before returning home, we stopped at Rosie's for a shakes, ice cream, and snacks, a welcome relief to the heat of the day (95 and sunny!). After dinner this evening, we packed 25 birthing kits for new moms in Haiti. These kits provide basic needs for successful home births. Our evening ended with Team Time, where we share about our experiences from the day and tonight included a fun game with lots of laughter and jokes. Just what our hearts needed during this week. We are truly blessed to have each member on this team.

Abby, Jennifer and Melissa