Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ray Team 1 day 4 Grace Village

The first stop today was at the school, and the setting was magnificent.  Up on top of the mountain and overlooking the Caribbean blue waters I felt the surrounding love of God. It was absolutely no mistake that Grace Village was a vision of heaven for these children.  Jake from Minnesota was our guide who worked for Healing Haiti and I was absolutely impressed and in awe of the good works that God has planned out for his life.  He was full of passion and extremely confident that this was his calling and purpose in life - to help build-up Grace Village to become the best that God had intended.  So now we tour the building under construction to build a mini-bread bakery for the village and to provide bread for Titanyen.  Along with other food items, did I hear "PIZZA", ok now for sure this was a sign that I am definitely coming back to see the finished work and to have a "slice", if that is God's will for me to come back to Haiti.

So last night knowing that we were going visit the elderly today my heart was thumping!  Knowing what our mission was all about, this is what I was most excited about.  Five years ago I discovered I had a passion for the elders.  I had a GOD shot and that is when my journey began with the elderly. Knowing this on my heart, God's perfect plan for me to meet my new friend Edmond, was near.  Entering into his home, Edmond was 82 years old, blind, and sitting on his bed in his diaper surrounded by concrete blocks that looked like some old war shelter. My eyes lit up, love at first sight!  It was made very clear to me that my mission was answered by God's grace, once again!  Two other ladies from our team sat and stood before Edmond as we lathered him up with lotion and rubbed the majority of his precious little body.  He was so happy and I really and truly believe that he thought he was the "King" of Haiti! The City of Angels had arrived.  I feel so blessed to have met Edmond, knowing that we gave him peace, comfort, compassion, joy, happiness, singing - "Glory to God,"  nourishment, and most importantly - love!  The greatest of all!  Being in acceptance that I had to leave "Edmond" was not on my radar, but acceptance was the answer.  I find so much comfort in knowing that Edmond is not alone, you are never alone if you have God.