Thursday, November 22, 2018

Michigan Team Day Four

Day Four
     Today was the day we planned to serve our Haitian hosts with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Thank goodness TSA allowed us to bring frozen turkey through. We prepared the traditional mashed potatoes, dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and apple pie and crisp. Most all of the Healing Haiti staff, even from Grace Village, were able to gather together. We all enjoyed cooking and waiting patiently for the numerous ovens to kick back to life, although we learned the night prior most of us on our team do not even know how to peel potatoes (God works in mysterious ways). It was heartwarming to be able to serve all of our favorite foods to those who spend each day helping and protecting us. The only people who love a good Thanksgiving meal more than Americans are Haitians. The boys showed no shame in asking all day if dinner was ready yet. To pass the time they harassed Smith in countless matches of bags, despite how many times Dylan and him beat the others. Being able to all gather together and talk and sing and celebrate was a small reminder as to what Healing Haiti has been and is doing throughout the country. The families, the children, and the hearts they have reached is incredible. God calls us to meet others where they are at and that is exactly what Healing Haiti is doing.

Written By Team Members,

Madisyn Kench and Terri Grubaugh