Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Potters Hand

Another amazing day in Haiti with our awesome team! Our word of the day was "molding" and that is exactly what God is doing in our lives. We came to Haiti with no expectations and as a workable piece of clay. Throughout the entire week as we gave our hearts to the people of Haiti, sharing Christ's love and hope, God had our hearts on the potter's wheel molding and shaping our lives into something new. As we near the completion of our mission trip in Haiti we are not the same. We came to bless and serve and in return have been changed ourselves by the master's hand.

Today, we had the privilege of visiting the Haiti Deaf Academy. Driving from the guest house to the academy was crazy as usual with vehicles swerving and honking around our tap tap bus, the smell of burning garbage, the vendors on the street and the motorcycles zooming made our destination to the academy a definite noisy experience. The moment we entered the gates, we were met with such quiet joy and expectancy from the children. Our time with them was spent loving on them, making rubber band bracelets, necklaces, nail polish and crafts. We also took an instant photo of each child. They had so much fun looking at themselves and so proud that God created them perfectly...exactly as they are. Dorothy and I also performed our mime skit showing that when we receive Christ in our heart He makes everything good and that when our hearts get broken, he can renew our heart...and we can share the love of Jesus with others. As we did the mime skit, every child was watching with so much intent and upon the completion, were asked several questions and they "got it"!! We didn't need to know sign language to share the great news. We had lunch with them and went to the sports field to play jump rope, soccer, baseball, bike riding and of course bubbles!! As you can imagine  the field was strangely quiet, but you could see and almost hear the joy on their faces.

We left and drove a little farther down the coast and saw more of the beautiful countryside and stopped at a resort called Wahoo to have a drink and snack and to swim in the amazing Caribbean sea. It was nice to take a short break from all of our spiritual, emotional and physical work.  For supper we stopped in Titanyen at the bakery to support the ministry of  Fleri and eat pizza.  It is amazing seeing what God is doing here to help the locals in the City that means "Less Than Nothing". 

Driving home it was DARK! There is very little electricity in the homes and no street lights. It gave  us an erie feeling. In our evening discussion time we talked about how dark we saw Haiti, but in a dark world we were called to be a light to serve and be the light for Jesus in Haiti.

Dave & Dorothy Smith