Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Woodridge- Wednesday


Jake- spent
Raegan- intent
Lola- together
Tracy- kisses
Jen- joy
Buck- happy
Ashlynn- abundance
Trinity- soak
Ben- content
Annette- prayer
Corrina- familiar
Kim- bittersweet
Shannon- different

Today we went to a place called Citè Soleil. This place is the poorest city in the Western Hemisphere. With having so little, these people are so happy and content with what they do have.  The children run with fire in there souls. Some tried racing Lolita but she beat them every time. Ben, Kim, and Trinity maned the water hose and kept order in the process of filling water buckets.  Jake was a human playground, with kids climbing all over him.  Ashlynn and Tracy prayed for a women in the streets and it was beautiful.  Buck danced with the little girls and boys in the street and he was truly happy in Cite Soleil.  Jen was a beast with carrying water buckets with the Haitian women. Shannon held babies and talked to a man named Junior. He told his whole life story and he was really proud of his church and God. Corrina made best friends with all the teenage girls and even saw Alex. Annette also got a kiss from an elderly man walking down the street. I washed a 7 year old and his underwear. It was really humbling. Tomorrow is going to be good.

Raegan and the Woodridge team.