Wednesday, October 17, 2018

EBC Team 1 - Day 3

Today was an unexpected blessing for our team.
In the morning, we all had a chance to sleep in, catch up on sleep, then enjoyed a big breakfast. We shared stories from a late night of card games and laughter. We had a chance to experience a heartwarming morning devotion time, where we shared personal stories and grow closer as a group.
The rest of the morning, much of our team engaged in competitive games like bags, ladder golf, a team favorite was Farkle. We also did lots of snacking. Towards the afternoon, the team walked to the nearby outdoor pool at the Elite hotel. Once there, we all participated in an intense game of "don't let the beach ball touch the water or ground", and set a goal of reaching 50 hits. After much concentration and effort, we reached our goal and had a huge celebration. Afterwards, we socialized with each other and enjoyed the time together to unwind and connect.
After a few hours of fun, we returned to the compound and shared a delicious meal together, while recounting the fun memories of the day.
After dinner, we got back together for some more group time and
reflection upon the ways in which God was speaking to us through the trip so far. We took communion together and shared a few songs of worship.
Overall, the day was a huge blessing for our team in terms of growing closer, and establishing a deeper connection between us, so that as we head into the next few days of serving, we are better prepared to work together and lean on each other in times of need.