Saturday, March 2, 2019


Today, we started the day off with a friendly game of bumping a kickball back and forth while getting ready for the day. We also kicked a soccer ball around in the Tap-Tap and tried to score points by hitting the soccer ball against the back walls of the Tap-Tap.

We had the opportunity to visit the Deaf Academy. We first split up into three groups. Pao and Colleen braved the soccer field while the rest of us stayed at the academy and painted nails and played with a parachute. After the parachute, we step up face paints. Barb, my mom (Sherri), and I used two stations to put on stencils and different designs. By the time we were done, there were several tigers, Supermans, dogs, and other fun people. We decided to pull out some glitter and, oh man, was that fun! Within seconds, we had glitter on our arms, their faces, our faces, and all over the floor. It looked like an explosion of happiness.

After the Deaf Academy, we visited the Haiti Olympic Center. Here, there were people playing basketball and soccer. The sun was hot on our backs as we walked through the tour and saw the different fields as well as the training center.

Next, we went to Fleri for pizza and dessert. Jake gave us a tour of Fleri after we ate way too much pizza. We learned about the jobs and purpose of Fleri. We then ate some dessert before setting out for the guest house.

Sitting across from Barb, I noticed the glitter on her face and arms, a tiny speck of grey paint residue under her left eye, a friendly reminder of the fits of laugher we were sent into time after time. How I, a small town American girl with everything and more, was given more than I ever need through an aching stomach from laughing and a full soul from the pure love of Haiti.