Sunday, July 14, 2019

Becci's Team Day 7

Last Day Together in Haiti

Our day started off at Rendez-Vous Church. The immediate feel of everything changed once we got into the church. It felt very warm, welcoming, and interactive and one of the reasons was because we were handed headphones that we could wear for translating. The service was started with an awesome praise and worship team and had many songs in both Creole and English. They were very powerful and uplifting. Throughout the service many of us were very moved by the Pastor's words about integrity, humility, and growth, along with a few special words from a mentor of his and how he came to where he is today.

Following church we drove an hour to see the amazingly beautiful side of Haiti at Wahoo Bay for a day of rest. The view from any point of the beach was completely breathtaking and very surreal to see after the sights we observed serving in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Haiti. We were able to snorkel, play on the water trampoline, swim, dance, and relax while reflecting on the week as a whole. The food there was incredible because most of it was fresh caught directly out of the water, which made it taste that much better. Overall, it showed the incredible beauty that God has created in this country we call Haiti.

Once we got back to the guesthouse, we ate an awesome meal prepared by the loving Healing Haiti staff. Then we had our typical post dinner team meeting. Tonight was special. It was very intimate and emotional. It consisted of our typical devotions with purpose, slide show, and our "word of the day". However, tonight we also added special shout-outs. There is so much love on this team. The family bonds, the tears, the laughs, the memories, the servant hearts, and the life long friendships made. It is a very bittersweet ending to this absolutely incredible trip. Our team over the week has really grown together and shared unforgettable experiences that we will all forever treasure.