Sunday, March 3, 2019

God Bless Haiti

Last evening, we worshiped with Team 2 on their balcony complete with a breeze, twinkling stars overhead, and simply great company. We went to bed with full hearts. Our minds were beginning to process the experiences during this past week and the upcoming trip back to the USA - a transition back to families, jobs, and our own community.
Sunday church was at Rendevous Church, and the worship music was wonderful! It was an open air church, Haitians and Americans singing together, voices strong, with hope and energy. They provided us with headphones so we could understand the pastor's message which was entitled, "The Power of Word" based upon Genesis 1: 3-5. It gave our team something to reflect upon.
We then traveled north to Wahoo Bay Beach and enjoyed an afternoon seeing a beautiful portion of the country. With Haiti's mountains displayed in the background, we enjoyed the clear ocean waters and sandy beach. Some of us kayaked while others enjoyed a boat ride, seeing the beauty of this area.
We traveled back to the guesthouse with sun-kissed skin.
This evening during Team Time, we discussed our trip home and transitioning back to our normal, everyday lives. We were grateful to hear from 4 of our team members who have been to Haiti before and listened to their experiences with home life after Haiti. We all agreed we will continue to pray for Haiti. We know this country is something really special because of its people. They've had to endure so much and have made progress with clean up and rebuilding their homes and businesses after the 2010 earthquake. But they still need prayers and support. We are forever changed because of this trip and are grateful for this experience.
God bless Haiti!
Jennifer Green