Thursday, July 5, 2018

Schauer/Kittleson Team Day 4

Today is the 4th day in Haiti.  I have been wondering why am I in Haiti? Why did God bring me to this place?  I am used to ministering by praying for people and for counselling and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit; so I really thought God was sending me for the usual type of opportunity.  When we got here on Monday, I was actually disappointed because the mission trip was opposite of my expectation.  I thought we would be doing so much hands on; just doing some major labor, like building or fixing things; however, it turned out to be way more laid back, with the exception of the water truck day – which was amazing by the way.  I really did not understand why we are here as a team, but today, I understood, with the help of Darren’ s explanation, that we are here to get a feel of what Healing Haiti does and we are to take the message of all the work the organization does back home and that way, ourselves and others are given the opportunity to participate in what Healing Haiti has already established. I really appreciate being here with awesome leaders (shout out to Dare Bear and Gupgup) and an amazing team.  I just feel so much connection and relationship between our team.  It feels good to understand why we are here and Healing Haiti is doing fantastic work in Haiti.  I cannot wait and see what God will do even more within this organization; I know that more projects are to come and more expansion will take place.

The one other thing I want to mention is how we tend to think of mission in terms of impacting the people we are being sent to, but the irony is that they end up impacting us.  In the very few days, I have learned so much from the Haitian people and the team.  There is just so much resilience and ability to cope with the situation and even to be and to enjoy the moment.  I am so grateful to be here!

We are all safe and having fun. Hope to let you all know more tomorrow!

-Abang and group