Saturday, October 15, 2016

Praise His Name with Dancing

"Let them praise His name with dancing;" Psalm 149:3a
Today, we were split into two groups. One group consisted of all nurses that went to the wound clinic bright and early. They were able to help all the wounded that showed up with medical needs to the free clinic. They handed out some medications, redressed wounds, and helped the nuns with whatever was asked as best as they could.
The rest of us went to two orphanages, Dios and La Loo. Dios had a team visit them yesterday for the first time, so it was pretty new and we did not know what to expect before arriving.
It was a special needs orphanage with about 20 kids. We got off the tap tap and as usual were greeted by little ones with smiling faces who just wanted some loving. We brought a tote of goodies with us that had bubbles, chalk, and musical instruments.
After awhile of endless bubbles and pictures of multiple animals on the driveway, the fun began, and all that was needed was a beat! It started with some singing and handclapping, but soon turned into full out dancing, all while praising God! A few kids even took off their shoes to get fully into it! I've never seen so much joy than what I saw on these kids' faces just dancing and using musical instruments. A beach ball had even turned into an instrument and a boy was hitting it with a stick and it instantly became a drum! They definitely had rhythm and it was an absolute fantastic and super fun experience to witness these kids enjoy themselves and our company!
At La Loo, they had about 40 or so kids. We started with a mini bible study on Zacchaeus. We then had arts and crafts which was a little more of a challenge due to our smaller group. But we still had fun watching the kids spell their name with stickers and markers. A few pipe cleaners had even turned into glasses and bracelets.
On the way back to the guesthouse we stopped by the metal market and grocery store and bought a few goodies!
This is our first ever mission trip to Haiti!! We are being molded by God everyday here. We continue to pray and trust that God will show us what he is trying to teach us from this experience to Haiti
both about others and even ourselves. We hope to continue to make a difference wherever God leads us whether back here in Haiti someday or just back home. Please continue to pray for us while we finish up our time down here and for the amazing people of Haiti!

Ashley and Delanie