Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sweet Home & Papillon

Tuesday 7/18/17

Today we visited Sweet Home orphanage and Papillon Enterprises/ Apparent Project. At Sweet Home we got to visit and play with children from the ages of 18 months to 10 years old. It was amazing to see their ability to read and create connections with us in such a short amount of time.Their hearts are so open and receiving to love from new people. It's hard
to leave such sweet faces. Later in the day we took the Tap Tap to Papillon. Papillon means butterfly in Creole, and it's such a fitting name for the company because it has changed peoples lives and given them the wings to fly. It had provided 200 jobs for Haitians and allows parents to not have to relinquish their rights as parents. We were able to see the production side the boutique that we were able to shop in. It's good to know that our money is going to the right place and the right people. To end our day we went to the top of a mountain and over looked the country and the Caribbean. This whole day we had our palms up and hearts open ready to have God work through us.

Lauren St. Martin, Ainsley Rouse, and Sophia Castagnetti