Sunday, July 21, 2019

SVCC in Haiti - Day 7

Our last full day in Haiti is winding down ... we've had our final dinner here, group time, word of the day (I had two -- Blessed and Convicted), and are now packing bags for departure. Today was another beautiful day that started off with morning service at Rendezvous Christ Church in Port au Prince. This is an amazing, Spirit-filled body that is affiliated with Haiti Teen Challenge and reminds me a lot of my home church. It was really awesome to see Ruth leading praise & worship - I remember meeting her a few years ago in HTC's Women's Program and was blown away by her vocal talent. She has since graduated the program and is now serving at RVC. For more information on the church, go to:
     Today's message was on God's calling on our lives, what He asks of us and how we are to respond. Some of my takeaways were:

  • We receive to be givers. What God gives to us is meant to be given away. 
  • God does not send temptation, but He does allow trials. 
  • God does not want the child (Isaac); He wants the father's heart (Abraham). 
  • Surrender. Obedience. 
  • What is your Isaac? Are you willing to give it to God? 
     I need to reflect on this more. I really don't know what my Isaac is. I do know that there are certain mountains in my life that I continue to circle. God has been working on me this week and has brought to light some things that I need to take a closer look at when I get home. 
     After church we rode in the tap tap for about an hour to Wahoo Bay Beach Resort for a time of rest and reflection. On the way, our team continued to bond and reflect, sharing stories and laughter about various experiences here and at home. We enjoyed seeing the beautiful countryside as well and noted that there is a lot of awesome work going on - several new construction and other projects in the works in Port au Prince and surrounding areas. 
     This has been an incredible week with an amazing team that only God could have selected. Aside from the leaders, all were first-timers with varying degrees of nervousness or apprehension. Unless you're a seasoned Haiti goer, you wouldn't have known it...these guys jumped into every activity put in front of them, loved on everyone without hesitation, and were absolute champs day in and day out. From the first night and our several-hour bonding session, I knew it was going to be a great experience but I had no idea how great. The levels of caring, love, vulnerability, transparency, and compassion were astonishing. I am so grateful to have seen what this team has experienced, and I am so excited for what God has in store as we head home, taking some of Haiti home in our hearts. 
     If you have ever considered going on a mission trip, this would be a great place to start. Haiti and its people leave me in awe and wonder every time. Their pure love, joy, strength, and resilience are at levels I have not experienced before in places of need. I absolutely love and am humbled to witness what God continues to do through His people here. 
     Thank you for tagging along with us this week!