Friday, July 12, 2019

Becci's Team Day 5

Happy Friday! Our day began with a breathtaking sunrise and the 6AM service at Church on the Rock, in our neighborhood. Upon our arrival there was an overwhelming sense of spirit; it's indescribable! The service not only brought most of us to tears but also moved us so much that we danced the entire time while there. Also, Haitians danced/worshipped with us to songs both in Creole and part English. What an experience - we want to go back to Church on the Rock tomorrow!

After breakfast we drove to Cite Soleil to deliver water in a few neighborhoods. Little kids running up to our Tap Tap ("truck"), chanting "Hey You!", in anticipation of spending time with us will forever be etched in our minds. This is perhaps the best part of delivering water to the beautiful people of certain neighborhoods in Cite Soleil. We worked in tandem with children, teens, women and men to fill buckets with water as well as carry the buckets to their homes. While filling buckets with water, certain kids were playing in the water and buckets. It's as if we were ata pool party - there were endless smiles, shrieking and laughter!

We visited Fleri Farm in Cite Soleil this afternoon. Fleri Farm is approximately 28 acres and is centered on job creation and education for those native to Haiti. Specifically, the staff is comprised of 9 Haitians and 1 American, a long-term missionary, Kenny Tritch from Minnesota. Kenny gave us a tour of Fleri Farm and we saw mangoes, papaya, plantains, limes, citronella grass, coconuts and eggplants. We can't wait to come back next year to see his vision come to fruition! We are so thankful for Kenny and will continue to pray for him during his mission.

Our last event of the day involved visiting children + teens in a neighborhood located in Cite Soleil. Many of the children + teens we saw while delivering water were there. We were able to celebrate Christ with them by dancing, singing, playing soccer + football, listening to Haitian music, coloring, playing basketball and most importantly speaking a universal nonverbal!