Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Day #3 Alleluia Church Team - New Hope Academy, Home for the Sick & Dying Babies & a bit of shopping

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.  |  Matthew 5:8

Today was a full day - with sightings of God's blessings everywhere.  We started off the morning heading down the street to shop from the local artisans.  They were happy to show us the skills of their hands, and our team was happy to support the local community.  Next up was Peace Cycle - what a blessing that organization has been to Haiti!  Each employee is taught to stand on 2 legs, Peace Cycle being one...and for most - owning their own business as another.  It was inspiring to hear each Haitian employee - partially in English! :) - tell us about their job at Peace Cycle (they recycle plastic water bags, making all sort of totes, bags, purses, etc.), and then about themselves.  What dreams they have for themselves, with their job paying them dignified wages helping make that dream a reality!

Our next stop was a new one for all of us, New Hope Academy.  We shared the story of Creation with about 30 children - with each listening attentively, and one child sharing with us his favorite part was simply 'God creating everything'.  Children of all ages were eager to hear the word of God and spend the morning with us.  After a few crafts, lunch and some play time - each of us were blessed to see the hope for their futures, and see the start of an organization grow - helping those children stay off the streets.  Next up was Papillon (Butterfly in Creole) - an amazing organization employing SO MANY.  After a quick tour of the production side, we witnessed first hand the love the employees have for an organization that gives them opportunity to earn a wage to keep their families together.  It was easy for each of us to support them at their shop, bringing home items we saw them make in front of us.

We finished out our day at the Home of the Sick & Dying Babies.  Each of us experienced a full range of emotions - staring into the eyes of the children throughout the afternoon there.  For many of us, heartbreak as we walked into the one of the rooms hearing the children cry or holding them in our arms.  So many children to love and hold close can be overwhelming at times....but there is also that rewarding feeling - because each of us are here for a reason.  God called each of us here to be in this place together.  To let all the things that life throws at us to be set aside - to just be here in that moment focusing on that child in our arms, knowing we are doing enough.

Everyone that comes here leaves a part of their heart in Haiti.  And when we go back, we must process so many emotions - and one of them can be grief.  Grief because we cannot unsee what we have seen, because we are forever changed, and even in a way, we may in a way grieve for our old life.  But also such love - love for Healing Haiti and the impact they are making here.  And joy - joy that each of us is a part of that miracle of Healing Haiti created so many years ago.  So come and see.  Come and see the miracle happening in Haiti.

Glwa Pou Bondye,

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