Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Water Truck - Tuesday

Everyone out there, Hello!  This is Team Haiti live here today.   

We have safely landed in Haiti for all you whom will be following this blog.

We arrived yesterday afternoon around 2:30, got the whole team together and headed for the guest house.  We had a few meetings, a little something to eat, and oriented ourselves for the week.

Tuesday after breakfast we started with a big bang, today is water day in Cite Soleil, which is the poorest city in Haiti.  Our first stop was with the water truck where we fill 5 gallon buckets, tubs of all sizes, barrels and anything else they put in front of us for water.  Our team works the water hose and helps the children and women carry the water buckets close to their homes.  On top of that the other part of the team is loving on children whom just want to be held and played with.

Throughout the day we made a few other stops, such as the Hope Church, built by the Healing Haiti organization, which has recently started kindergarten and first grade classes as part of an education program along with adult classes in the afternoon as part of their beginning or continuing education, with basic subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics.

Another stop we made was the Elders School in which Healing Haiti participates in the feeding program.  After our second water stop we were able to visit the new Farm bought by the Healing Haiti Organization that will provide mangos, coconuts, bananas, papayas, okra, a variety of herbs and a lot more in the future, along with jobs for the local Haitians.  In fact all of the programs provided by Healing  Haiti, are worked by the local Haitians, including certified teachers, cooks for the school program meals, janitors that keep the schools clean and a host of other positions.  On top of that our team was fortunate enough to sample fresh coconut milk right off the coconut trees.

Last but not least after our third and final water stop of the day, we also visited some of the Haitians on the ocean pier.  We were able to see first hand, some of the ways they provide the people with fresh fish on a daily basis on the open market and for their own families.

We thank God for this beautiful first day and we pray that our life will always show the love of God and we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Wanetta and Carleen