Saturday, October 29, 2016

KCC Day #6

They have everything and we have nothing.  Our last active day in the field serving the Hatians the pieces all start to fall into place.  While serving water in the local slums we really get the opportunity to see the beauty in it all. We started to realize who really is rich, us or the Hatians. Americans with our sense of entitlement, or fancy cars, our money, or these Hatians who find joy and satisfaction in basic needs being met. Today as one of our team mates was serving water, wee little ones bowed at her feet, only to clean them, and what an honor this child felt to simply be of service. Another example was a teammate slipped into a puddle of standing dirty water, and child grabbed her shoes right off her feet, ran to the water truck line and insisted her shoes be washed. Mind you this child has nothing, but again, what a joy this child felt simply to be of service. These children are so rich in character, joy, hope, love, but we are missing the basics, we forget about the important things.

As we wrapped up our last day, I was overwhelmed by how amazing our Creator is. He provides for His people, and meets every need. Even something as simple as needing water, God provides for us. He provides for us in America and He provides for the people of Haiti, all our needs are different but He meets them. God has blessed us individually this week as well as together as a team. Just as He has blessed the people of Cite Solei with seeing the water truck coming toward them. My prayer is that God shows us how even water is a huge miracle, how to be simple again, how to be greatfull again, how to appreciate, and how to love again!

Our words for today were: Provider, grateful, servant, simplicity, endurance, chrysilis, undescribable, and matrix.

- Danika & Stephanie