Friday, March 9, 2018

Liberty Classical Academy: Day 4, Water Truck and Fleri Farms

           Today we ventured into the heart of Cite Soleil to deliver water to the locals. It was wild and crazy, but we managed to persevere through the hardships. There were a lot of children, especially at the final stop. There was a little boy who took Jacob by the hand and walked him a long distance to set down a water bucket. He then proceeded to dump the water on Jacob, and made Jacob give him a piggy back ride the whole journey back. After Ty helped a woman bring a bucket of water back to her shanty, she took Ty's arm and wouldn't let go. Then, when a boy who needed help carrying a bucket of water tried to grab Ty's arm the woman punched the boy and they began to fight. When Ty was holding a little boy a mom continued to try and force him to put the boy down so Ty would hold her child.
          After the adventure in Cite Soleil, we took a side trip to Fleri Farms. There we took a hike deep into the coconut and mango forest. The group brought back some coconuts and mangos to munch on afterwards. The coconut water and meat were so fresh, clean, and sweet. The mangos had a very tangy taste. We saw some puppies and Ty was reunited with his little buddy for a short period of time prior to an emotional goodbye.
          Next, we came back to the guest house and hung out, washed up, watched some soccer, and ate dinner. Overall I think today was the day the most kids were held as almost everyone had a kid or two, or occasionally three, in their arms or on them while there was still plenty more kids.
       -Jacob and Ty