Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Day 2- Contrast


For day 2 our team experienced contrasting activities. In the morning our team went to two different companies that are enhancing and advancing the skills of the people and economy of Haiti. The first business, Peace Cycle, is a place dedicated to reducing the waste of plastic left on the streets by recycling the plastic and making beautiful wallets, purses, totes, and more! This business is also dedicated to enhancing the skills of Haitians who choose to work there. These skills fall along the lines of building a business, self efficiency, and English. The second business, Papillon, is a business dedicated to giving people a job with great benefits, such as an on-site daycare. This business makes many items like bracelets, necklaces, ornaments, and dolls, just to name a few. These businesses are important because they are empowering people. They empower them to not only provide for their family financially, but also spiritually.

The second half of the day was an afternoon spent at the home for sick and dying babies. The team held crying babies, fed small children, and played in the playground with many kiddos. This home was a hard visit for our team. It was a contrast from the hopeful businesses that the team visited earlier in the day. We felt confused but also joy. We felt helpless but also useful. We felt broken but we also felt love.

In our feelings of helplessness, confusion, and brokenness, it’s difficult to see God in those moments. Why do we feel conflicting emotions? Why is it when we see a child, ill and crying, we see love? Why do we see joy when a child is desiring any kind of loving contact? Why did we feel helpless as we soothed cries, dried tears, and filled empty bellies? It’s hard to say why we feel conflicted. It’s difficult to identify why our brains process the way they do. But it’s also easy to understand where God is in the midst of our conflicting thoughts.

When life comes at us we feel so hopeless at times. It’s easy to forget that Christ is walking through our valleys with us. It’s not until the end of our trials that we see our usefulness. Our valley is someone else’s encouragement.

Some may look at the sacrifice of Christ and see a broken man but really, it is agape love.

Some may look at Christ and see a story that doesn’t make sense. It’s confusing. There is a God that gave his only son, for us, sinners. But what it really is, is pure joy. Joy unspeakable.

There is so much contrast in life. That contrast is so important. It’s vital to see the difficult to appreciate the mountain tops. Sometimes we have to feel helpless to be useful. We have to be confused and not understand sometimes to feel the joys in life. And sometimes we have to be broken to love.