Thursday, September 28, 2017

Slumberland Team - Day 4 (part 2)

Today and took a different angle on serving. We started the day visiting a business Rebuild Globally. This company was started after the earthquake that destroyed a large part of Haiti. This company recycles trash, such as old car tires, and turns them into incredible products like sandals. You can leave brands in the sand when walking with these cool sandals. Here we were introduced to the manager, an energetic and beautiful spirited Haitian women. She told us her story about how she owned a cosmetic retail store before the earthquake, after it occurred she lost everything. She thought her life was over. She saw lots of organizations donating items and money to the people, but she did not want charity, she wanted to have a job and earn a living to provide for her family. She was hired by Rebuild Globally and is know their sales manager and even is a shareholder in the company. The pride she exhumed when telling her story was so uplifting and opened my eyes even more on this trip. We need to help the people of Haiti by empowering them to succeed, teaching skills and trades, and allowing them to learn to help themselves and their neighbors. The hearts of the Haitians are huge and they just need a helping hand to get them started.

Scott Eggleston

Slumberland Team - Day 4 (Part 1)

Today was a different kind of day, but a day with purpose. Part of Healing Haiti’s strategy is to expose people to the positive things that are happening in Haiti. So many people ask, “Do you see any change?’ I would answer a resounding yes! To come down year after year and do things the Haitians could be doing would be a shame, our desire is to empower and encourage the Haitians by coming along side of them. Today we visited several different enterprises that are creating jobs for Haitians to care for their families, send their children to school and to provide a home for them. It goes along with our culture at  Slumberland, to provide for our families just as the Haitians and people all over the world want to provide. It was a privilege to see these hard working people creating jobs for so many. This is the new Haiti!  

Barb Larson