Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Haiti - Day 2

Today was our first day out in Haiti's community, we had our first water truck day in the morning. It was my first water day and I was pretty nervous. We got there before the water truck so that gave us a chance to spend more time with the kids. That is when I met this little girl who clung to me for the entire time we were there. She was incredibly sweet and when the water truck did arrive she was my number one helper. Everyone was so kind and said thank you. Next we went to the orphanage, I met another sweet girl who taught me some crazy soccer moves. Today was amazing and I'm looking forward for the days to come.

Sophia Anderson

Hi. This is Sophia's mom. I thought it would be interesting to get her version of the day, as a 14 year old girl, and mine, as an adult. This is my second trip to Haiti. I was here last January and it was a life-changing experience for me. I have been both excited and nervous to be back and experience Haiti with my daughter.

Now we're here and I realize that I had nothing to worry about! My strong and capable daughter is loving all of this. Water Truck Day can be overwhelming, but Sophia, and the other 4 young women with us as well, were fantastic! It was amazing to watch them make connections with other kids, playing, dancing and figuring out how to communicate. The water truck was very late, so we spent quite a while just hanging out with kids in the neighborhood. Kerry played basketball with a group of boys and showed them that a woman can kick their butts! They loved it! The truck finally came as we shifted into work mode. Everyone was helping carry buckets. Steph and Kim were in charge of the hose and did a fantastic job of keeping things orderly. Our first water truck day was a success!

We came back to the Healing Haiti house and showered and prepped for our next stop. Then we were off to Croatian, an orphanage. We brought soccer balls, jump ropes, crayons, makers, coloring books and white boards. The kids started our visit by singing us a song, and then the playing began! Basket ball and soccer games started. Kids would ask our names and write it on the white boards. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun connecting with the kids! They ended the visit the same way it began, with a sweet song thanking us for our visit.

We are back at the Healing Haiti house. Dinner was delicious and we had our devotions on the roof top patio.

Sara Anderson