Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Be The Change

Day 2 in Haiti allowed us the opportunity to experience so many things. In the morning, we took the tap tap (our transportation) to several nonprofits that serve as a partner in fighting poverty in Haiti. They do so by providing wages and training facilities. REBUILD globally along with their spin off fashion brand, deux mains, provided us with a tour of their facility that provides artisans-owners the opportunity to design, source, and craft items out of raw materials. Their start-up craft was sandals with the soles made out of recycled tires, and then broadened their crafts to include other items such as passport covers, purses, and jewelry. This company provides dignified, sustainable jobs that provide living wages. We then visited Papillon (pronounced papiyon), a business that works to prevent orphan preventions through job creation and training, by using metal, cardboard, aluminum, dirt, and paper to make jewelry and other beautiful things. Our tour allowed us to meet these talents Haitians in person.

After lunch, we visited the Home for Sick and Dying Babies, and we spent time playing with kids in their play area and also simply holding little babies, simply giving them our love and attention, their eyes seeking ours as we recognized one of the true reasons for this trip: to be present in the life of a Haitian with love.

Returning to the guesthouse, we enjoyed a dinner of delicious Haitian food and as we got to know our team members, realized just how much we already help one another, on Day 2, to learn and grown as we take in as much as we can and just simply Be The Change.

Jennifer Green