Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Knocked Over By JOY

Today can be described by many words: Emotional, Inspiration, Joy, Laughter, and Love, just to name a few.

We started our day at the home for sick and dying adults. This was truly a moving experience where myself, and the rest of the group were able to really connect with the elderly, and despite the language barrier, leave as friends. Initially some of the men were hesitant to receive a massage or have their faces shaved, but once the first man volunteered, there was a steady stream of smiling face asking to be "next" for whatever we had to offer. Their ability to laugh with us throughout our visit made the experience so much more special.

Second, we were blessed with the opportunity to visit an orphanage in Port au Prince. The word that could have almost physically knocked you over, was Joy. The children were not only excited to be held, but show you around, play with you, and learn your names. I will never be able to match the kids' level of joy and happiness that they possess. Back home I want for nothing, but when the kids saw us break out the pack of chalk, their smiles touched both ears, and would've gone farther if physically possible!

To end our day we spent time at the home for sick and dying babies. For many, this was the most emotional part of the day. All these babies want is to be held, and I just wish I was able to hold more than two at a time. I did not quite have the strength to go into the room where the especially sick babies were, and I am beyond impressed by the members of the group who were able to hold and comfort those babies. Simply holding baby Jameson and feeding him his lunch is something I will never forget.

Today was a blessed day, and I am excited for what the rest of the week entails for the Lord has for us to accomplish!

Erik Brandt