Friday, February 9, 2018

Fall Back On Me

We began our day in prayer as we left for one of the poorest slums in the western hemisphere to deliver water. The impact of the beginning of our day can hardly be explained only to say the act of bullying was evident in Haiti as it is in America today. This unexplainable injustice was on 2 special needs children. We wiped our tears and reminded ourselves that the short period of love and compassion we shared with these children will carry them just as Jesus promised He would for all His children.

We delivered thousands of gallons of water to the town of Cite Soleil. We were humbled as they stood in line with their 5 gallon buckets to carry their precious water to the places they call their homes. We have a greater respect for the gift of precious water we so freely get at home.

Our last stop was at the home for special needs children. It was a fresh relief from the heaviness earlier in the day. Our hearts were delighted to be there sharing Gods love!! It was apparent in the staff and all the kids there that they were one big happy family.

We ended our day praising the Lord that we could be His Hands and Feet for a short time while we are here. The Haitian people are so beautiful while having so little yet so much joy in their hearts. We rest in His love that passes all understanding with any struggles we have in our lives.

We are eagerly awaiting to see what God has in store for us in the next 3 days. We feel Gods love and passion in so many ways. Keep us in your prayers!!!!

With Love and Blessings, Julie and Kim